Avoidably delayed.

It was actually an email; there is no discernible address on the web page, and everything with the company is done with emailCollapse )

Their response came within an hour:

Thank you for your inquiry. We do apologize for this inconvenience. Please provide us with the email address and name of the person that purchased your ticket so that we may be able to proceed in the proper way.

I sent the requested information and got this back a few hours later (CC both of us):

Again we do apologize for this. We would like to offer you a complimentary ticket for you and your passenger. Please keep this email and sent it back with the details when you are ready to use it. Thank you for choosing

I would have wished for more information about what the hell that guy was doing driving a bus and whether he was going to continue to do so, but upon reflection I didn't ask for that information in my initial message. In all, I am pleased.
just Chris

new anti-gay-marriage bill

Sigh. This one is specifically for Kansans, but everyone everywhere is probably facing something like this, and we should all keep writing to our national rep's. To find who you should write, Kansans can go to and scroll down. Under "HOT ITEMS" is the House Roster, Senate Roster, and how to find your legislator.

After you find whom to write, don't forget to sign the petition opposing the Marriage Amendment at

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Everybody's linking to the United Church of Christ news release, that states that their television commercial (which says that everyone is welcome at their church) is not going to air on CBS, UPN (which is owned by CBS) or on NBC. There are good web log write ups of it.

I wrote a letter to the head of CBSCollapse )

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I wrote a letter to the head of NBCCollapse )

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These letters are going in the mail tomorrow. It's just that easy.